with Renate Barrack

We are way beyond the volume of a body ... each of us is a spark of divinity. Because of everything that has happened, you are right here, right now ... in exactly the right place you need to be, to make a change.  Life is our opportunity to do something with what we have been given; moment by moment, we are free to choose to see things differently.

While there is no magical pathway to enlightenment, there are many things we can do to raise our consciousness and transform our inner lives, without necessarily having to change our outer situation. My journey has led me to discover many amazing holistic therapies and practices, including Yoga, Bowen Therapy, Meditation, Mindfulness, Laughter Yoga, Compassionate Communication (NVC), Toastmasters and Reiki. I decided to share my experiences in the hope that this may encourage someone else to embrace a new idea or try a new way towards restoring our natural, loving state of being.

Aroha Equine & Wellness offer Eagala Therapy sessions with horses and Transformational Workshops. As a qualified therapist, I also offer Bowen Therapy Treatments