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Put your dream on the WEB

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

"Wow Wow WOW!!! This is a thing of beauty! So authentic, informative, easy to navigate, professional warm, inviting. Just beautiful. Well done. Hands down this is the most stunning website I have seen...."

This was the first feedback about Aroha-Equine's new web site :-)

I've met Sandie, the mastermind behind nearly 30 years ago through my husbands family. We started talking about a website many years back and Sandie was interested in developing one for me from the beginning. It took me a long time to pluck up the courage to go ahead and my initial meeting with Sandie put me immediately at ease. It was quite a process and I really liked when she said in the first meeting that she takes in all the information, sleeps over it and then let's divine guidance direct her. It just felt so aligned....

Originally the content was only meant to be about EAGALA and workshops, but Sandie kept on saying: "you are so much more Renate - we need to integrate the other parts into the web site as well" - and so she did.

I absolutely love what Sandie has created and the collaboration we had in this creative process - trust - respect - genuine interest - support on all levels - laughter - illumination - honesty - patience - pushing me along gently when I was dragging my heals for the next step.... and so much more

I believe that Sandie has an edge to building a web site that is truly unique and can't be leaned, Have a look at her website to see for yourself the many different websites that she has build - what are you waiting for??? -> Put your Dream on the WEB - I did :-) hmmm, actually Sandie did.....

Here more feedback:

"Your website looks amazing, we had a quick look this morning. Very professional and informative/inviting. Congrats I think it's great you are putting yourself more out there!

I do strongly feel you are coming into your own power and lots of things are falling into place. I don't even know all the hard work and challenges you have faced and overcome to get to this point but I'm super proud of you for always continuing forward on your path. I know it's easy to get lost on the way sometimes. You have helped me more than you will ever know, from the first time I met you. Very very grateful to know you xx"

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