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Salta Horses

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

"SALTA Horses" in action...

Deidre Ryan is the director of "SALTA Horses" in Rangiora, Canterbury. She has been instrumental in bringing the EAGALA community here in New Zealand together.

I first met Deirdre at a networking meeting in Dunedin in 2016. She had organized this with fellow practitioners and our collaboration and connection across the two islands was set to begin. This networking meeting was one of many and our first ever national networking meeting will be held this year in April 2019. This will be happening on the property where "SALTA Horses" is located and where Deirdre facilitates EAGALA sessions and does corporate coaching with horses. In May 2018 Deirdre started to coach me to help me to take "Aroha Equine" to the next level. She offered this to me for free which I felt I just couldn't accept. The solution was to donate money to a charity that Deirdre supports and she also is a board member of it: Mini Ha Ha Horse Haven

Deirdre pushed me a little bit at a time out of my comfort zone and supported me wholeheartedly. The confidence I've gained from her coaching has been outstanding. I have really stepped up on so many levels and I'm just about ecstatic how far I've come.

I know I've gained a friend in Deirdre and I'm so excited to have her visit Aroha Equine for the first time later on this month.

In case you're wondering how we did the coaching, seeing that we live so far apart: Skype is our friend :-)

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