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Aroha Equine & Wellness is the collaboration of specialist equine and mental health practitioners who share a deep passion and connection with horses as well as humans. Our unique approach uses a combination of traditional and holistic therapies, including Bowen Therapy, NVC, Laughter Yoga and Eagala Therapy co-facilitated by the noble horse, to help us on our journey of self-discovery.


Modern physics tells us that everything in the universe is composed of energy which vibrates at different frequencies and seeks to expand. It is that quiet space deep within all of us, where all life energy is connected. It takes discipline to transform your thoughts, but your thoughts transform your reality. By consciously quietening your mind and surrendering to the moment, you open the channels for divine right order to flow through you. Regardless of your personal stories, experiences, age or background, Aroha Equine & Wellness will help you to miraculously transform the challenges you perceive by tapping into the power within you to heal your life.

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Renate Barrack
Director \ Equine Specialist

Certified EAGALA Specialist, Dip. Bowen Therapy, Reiki Master, Laughter Yoga Leader, Nat. Dip. Equine Studies (Germany)

Horsemanship / Clicker Training

Renate Barrack is an accomplished equestrian who has coached, competed and judged dressage around the world as well as trained a Haflinger to the highest level and tamed a Lipizzaner stallion that was deemed dangerous.

I have been privileged to work with horses from a young age and am in constant awe of the beautiful connections between a horse and a person and the way this can effect profound changes in mind and spirit. My upbringing and personal journey has inspired me to work continuously on my own healing and to deepen my experience of authentic truth. This has led me to explore and now share a wide range of  therapies, including Eagala Therapy, Bowen Therapy, Reiki, Laughter Yoga, NVC, Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness. I have a special interest in highly sensitive people, maternal mental health, healing of generational trauma, depression and anxiety. I believe it is our inner journey that sets us free.

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Senta Knapp

Mediator \ Intuitive Artist  \ Healer

B.SocSci, Counsellor, Dip. Natural Healing Sciences, AMINZ Mediator, Visionary Artist, Author

Senta Knapp is a scholar of the consciousness sciences, energy healer, counsellor, mediator, visionary artist, educator and author.

I run a healing clinic in Howick, providing specialist support in integrating unfolding soul and spiritual consciousness. I am formally trained in the fields of Natural Healing, Psychosynthesis and  Mediation, and have worked as a family dispute resolution mediator, domestic violence and mental health counsellor. My inner process however, is orientated towards the study of the Higher Self, which will eventually lead us to forge the connection with that which is greater than our personality, our Soul and our Spirit. I advocate that our true nature is open-ended and that connectedness to our Soul purpose is essential for our mental, emotional and physical well being.

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Andrea Bentley

Reg. Psychotherapist \ PBANZ \ NZAP

MHSC (Psychotherapy, Hons), Grad. Dip Psychotherapy, PGCertHSc-Alcohol and Drug Studies, Dip. Counselling

Andrea Bentley offers a therapeutic approach that is psychodynamic and relational.

I understand that we all have the desire to live meaningful and satisfying lives. However, we are often faced with patterns of behaviour that interfere with our emotional wellbeing leaving us feeling frustrated and stuck. I offer a safe, non-judgemental space for you to explore and heal the root cause of issues. I have worked extensively with depression and anxiety and a wide range of issues. I also have experience working with adolescents with addiction, self-esteem and developmental issues. I have found that introducing animals into the psychotherapeutic relationship can help create healing opportunities by establishing safety, trust, attachment and bonding experiences through the animal-client-therapist relationship. My areas of special interest include depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, relationship difficulties, trauma, anger, addiction, eating disorders, and OCD.

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